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Rhino The Game® is easy to learn and even more fun to play! With various levels of play from beginner to advanced, there is a version for everyone. See the game summary below and enjoy learning Rhino The Game® from these following instructional videos!

Ever wonder what's inside Rhino The Game? Watch this short timelapse video to see all of the high quality components that make up this exciting game.

About Rhino
The Game®

 Rhino The Game® is a trick-taking card and token game for 2 to 6 players. A Rhino deck consists of 55 cards: a special set of 52 playing cards numbered 0-12 in four color suits, along with two "Big Five" Bonus cards, and one Super Safari card. Each player begins the game with their own set of five special character tokens representing the "Big Five" African mammals - rhinoceros, elephant, lion, leopard, and Cape buffalo with each token having unique properties to influence game scoring.

The object of the game is to bid correctly on the exact number of tricks that a player will take (win) in each subsequent round of play. Points are awarded for a correct bid and are either zero or negative for an incorrect bid. The player with the most points after all rounds have been played is declared the winner. The game is played in 13 rounds (Photo Vista Stops), with the number of cards dealt per round varying from seven to one and back to seven. Player strategy combining with statistical probability (chance) interacts the effects of dealt cards, Bonus Cards, and the character tokens to create a fun and challenging game experience for all. Every game is unique and every new mix of players will influence game dynamics and strategy.

"Learn in an evening, Master in a lifetime" is certainly a suitable statement for this game. While it is designed for ages 14 and up, younger children may also pick up this game rapidly, especially when guided by an experienced player.

Detailed Instructional Videos

Introduction to Rhino The Game®

Topics: Game Set-up, Initial Dealer, Features of Cards & Tokens, Levels of Play, Scoring



5 Card Instructional Video

Topics: Use of Bonus Cards, Rhino, Freedom, Exchange Tokens, Led Suit vs Trump



6 Card Instructional Video

Topics: Bonus Card/Trump Determination, Freedom, Pass, Confidence Tokens, Super Safari Card



4 Card Partner Instructional Video

Topics: Partner Play/Card Exchange, Super Safari/Trump Determination, Multiple Token use


Print the back cover of the Rules of Play booklet for quick reference of token and specialty cards by clicking on the image below.    

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