"Plan your strategy to win, learn how to read your opponents, determine when to deploy special options, execute your game plan, respond to unexpected problems, and accumulate the highest score."      Wayne

Q: I am new to bidding/trick-taking games. Can you offer any suggestions to help me get up to speed with these concepts? 

A: YES, read and understand the definitions of bid, trick, and trump as shown on page 9 of the Rules of Play booklet, download/print the Quick Start Guide from the HOW TO PLAY page, and then play a full game as suggested using cards only. You may also click on GAMEPLAY page in the navigation banner above for more helpful information. You will be playing like a pro in no time!


Q: Do I receive additional points for taking more tricks than I bid?

A: NO! You ONLY receive points when you take exactly the number of tricks that you originally bid. The only exception is within the plus or minus one bid feature when the FREEDOM token is played. See page 7 and back cover of the Rules of Play.


Q: Do I add the 10 points from my BONUS card and then double my score when I am successful in playing my RHINO or Confidence token?

A: NO! The 10 point additional score when successfully using the BONUS card is added in AFTER all other scoring tabulations (additions and/or doubling) has occurred. See page 11 and back cover of the Rules of Play.


Q: Do I receive 10 additional points from the BONUS card when I have played the PASS token?

A: NO! Five points only are added to a player's score when using the PASS token. See back cover of the Rules of Play.


Q: Can I use my EXCHANGE token to draw two cards from another player's hand?

A: NO! Two cards are drawn from the top of the deck ONLY when the EXCHANGE token is used. These cards are unseen by other players. The player then places these two cards in their hand and determines which two cards would be most advantageous to remove from their hand in order to most likely make their correct original bid for the round. ANY TWO cards are then discarded from the player's hand and placed unseen by other players to the bottom of the deck. See back cover of the Rules of Play.


Q: Do I need to lead with the trump color suit if I have it?

A: NO! The player starting each round of play or the winner of a trick can lead with ANY color suit they want. Other players MUST follow the led suit color IF they have that suit color in their hand. However, if they do not have the led suit, they can play a card of any other suit, including the trump suit as they wish.


Q: Can I use my Rhino or Confidence token with a zero bid?

A: NO! Rhino and Confidence can NOT be used with a zero bid. See back cover of the Rules of Play.


Q: When I use my Freedom token successfully do I get the points I bid?

A: It depends on the number of tricks you have taken.  For example: If you bid 2 but only take 1 trick you receive 11 points, 12 points if 2 tricks are taken and 13 points if 3 tricks are taken. See back cover of the Rules of Play.


      Q: Is there a shorter play option?

A: YES! You may choose to play the ODD (Photo Vistas 7, 5, 3, 1, 3, 5, 7) rounds only. This reduces play time by approximately one-half while also changing the strategic elements of the game.