The ultimate card-token game of
skill, strategy and chance!


Join an imaginary photo safari in Africa following B.R., a young adult black rhinoceros, in the daily trek from Waterhole #7 and back again. Encounters with the other Big Five mammals occur as special game cards and tokens dramatically affect the journey's outcome. Multiple skill levels along with partner options make every game an unique adventure.

Rhino The Game® is an exciting multiphase trick-taking game using distinctive cards and character tokens showcasing the Big Five animals. Skill, strategy, & chance are combined to achieve victory in this captivating game.

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Be the hero of family game night!

"Rhino The Game® has quickly become a favorite for our family. One of the things we love about it is that the score is often close up until the very last round. We never know who is going to win until the final round is played. Even my 7-year old has had some amazing 'come-from-behind' wins that stun us all (and I have been playing bidding games my whole life). We highly recommend this game."       Brian